Witness The Greatest Change In The World

If you are in search of a place where you will be able to see all the unique and famous attractions in the world then you are destined to pay Harlem a visit. Here you can see all the famous Harlem attraction for yourself and realize how much you have been missing in your life. This is one of the most culturally vibrant neighborhoods in the entire New York City. This neighborhood has given too much to the entertainment and arts industry of the United States of America. Jazz, swing, RAP, R&B and Hip Hop all have their roots tracing back to the friendliest and liveliest neighborhood of the biggest city in the world. Harlem is famous for the rich history it has and the abundance of historic buildings and churches in the area.

The Harlem culture is a lot different from the other neighborhoods of the big apple and other settlements in the country. The different changes this place has undergone has left a deep impact and shaped the neighborhood of what it has become today. As its foundation was laid by the Dutch in 1658 as a village, it started as a Dutch settlement and it was named after the Dutch Town Haarlem. The village thrived and became a famous residential area of many influential families of the time. It was one of the most successful settlements of America at that time. Unfortunately the economic decline struck it fatally in the 1830’s. This became a reason for the downfall of the Dutch civilization here as the farms were fully laden with ripe crops but there was no market to sell them. The people were heavily burdened by the debts and the entire lands were put p for public auction.

After the fatal blow by the economy the Dutch migrated from this place and it became a place of refuge for the African immigrants. These African Americans turned this place into a shantytown and the once prosperous and lush green fields became a picture of depletion and neglect. The once famous Harlem attraction for the influential people of that time was wiped off the face of this neighborhood. By the end of 1870’s the authorities thought about making the living conditions better in this area and started building a row of single family homes. It was a small step but it showed signs of progress in the area. In the 1890’s the railway tracks were directed towards this settlement and it was connected with the rest of the country. This opened many doors for progress and business for the people and the road to success was started.

Today the Harlem culture is extremely modern and the place has no signs of depletion and neglect but is in fact one of the busiest areas of New York. It is famous for the business opportunities in the city and also for the many historical buildings and churches which have been preserved by the authorities. It is one of the biggest settlements of the white and the black Americans today. You can never get enough of Harlem.